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YDS – YÖKDİL – Vocabulary – Quiz 3

YDS – YÖKDİL – Vocabulary – Quiz 3

#1 Between 1959 and 1962, thousands of babies with various … were bom to West German and British mothers who had taken a certain sedative white they were pregnant.

#2 …is always advisable when one takes any drug during pregnancy, for it can lead to birth defects.

#3 Although non-smokers also develop lung cancer, the … of being affected b y the disease is much greater for smokers.

#4 Our Japanese parent company are known for their … They always make foreign business contacts welcome, putting them up at a luxury hotel and entertaining them in the evenings.

#5 The immigration officer questioned the … of the woman’s identity papers because she differed in appearance from the woman in the photograph.

#6 Although he served as a/an … to a house painter when young, he later became a famous painter of fine art.

#7 Because of the controlled, repetitive ………. of the water, decorative fountains are often considered to be mobile sculpture.

#8 Therefore, decorative fountains are commonly designed by architects and sculptors who work in … with hydraulic engineers.

#9 I can’t see the ……. in changing your job when you are so close to retirement.

#10 Because of fears of heart disease, ………. of butter and margarine has fallen considerably in recent years because more and more people prefer olive and com oils, which are said to be healthier.

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