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YDS – YÖKDİL – Vocabulary – Quiz 2

YDS – YÖKDİL – Vocabulary – Quiz 2

#1 The secretary’s ………. was a surprise to all of us as we all thought she was happy in her post.

#2 After I have done a few ………. , I will be able to give you a reasonable estimate of the cost of the extension to your house.

#3 After competing in various races, Paula decided that 400 metres was the best ……….. for her to run.

#4 Indonesia suffers a dreadful reputation for ……….. and visitors have reported having to bribe officials in all sorts of situations.

#5 Although female activists have gained many rights for women, as females continue to earn considerably less than their male counterparts, we can assume that full ……….. has not yet been achieved in the area of employment.

#6 There should be no …. in religion, and everybody should choose with their own free will whether to believe in a supreme power or not.

#7 The forward player of our team lacks … since he can play extremely well in one match scorlng goals one after another, white in the next, he just wanders around the pitch.

#8 The rise in the number of people becoming addicted to cocaine is especially worrying as the re is no effective ……….. for this type of addiction.

#9 Cattle driving in Australia is a tough job in the open air. Riders are skilled horsemen and women and… is also important as workers can be in the saddie for sixteen hours a day.

#10 In interior design, a certain amount of … of light and dark colours is necessary to attract attention.

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